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Southwest Destinations - Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon challenges even the most confident among us to evaluate our place in the universe. There's just no way not to feel small and insignificant when confronted with its grandeur.

Although many visitors are satisfied with a few hours at the Canyon, we highly recommend an overnight, allowing you to enjoy the subtle changes in color as the sun passes from east to west.

Canyon at sunset.
Photo by Bob Cunningham
Taila Soper rocks a pose at the rim.
Photo by Bob Cunningham
Photographing the impossible-to-capture.
Photo by Bob Cunningham
Helicopter descending into the Havasupai Reservation, deep inside the canyon.
Photo by Roger Diener
An exceedingly rare sight! Two California Condors, near the North Rim. There are approximately 200 condors in the wild.
Photo by Bob Cunningham
Waterfall in the Havasupai Reservation.
Photo by Roger Diener
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