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Quintessential Tours Clients - The Davis Family

About the Davis Family   |  About their Trip   |   Letter from Janice
The girls pose with guide, Deke Sinclair, on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco
Client Name: Janice Davis
Group Size: 4 adults, 1 teenager
Group Make-up: Janice, her daughter and 3 granddaughters
Home: Maryland, USA
Interests: Photography, art, sightseeing, wildlife (particularly aquatic animals), family bonding.

Janice contacted us looking for a trip for herself, her daughter and 3 granddaughters; 3 generations of Davis family women. She had recently lost her husband, and wanted this to be a very special family holiday. Most of the places we would take them, she had visited before, but was looking forward to revisiting them and seeing them through the eyes of her daughter and grandchildren..


Create a diverse holiday with a variety of experiences, without driving millions of miles.
Accommodate an atmosphere that faciliated a certain amount of improvisation; allow them to use our local expertise in order to wing it a bit, and decide on-the-fly what they might be interested in doing.
Facilitate an environment where family members could connect and bond over the course of their holiday.
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