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Tour Pricing
We charge a simple daily rate for our private tour service. This rate is based on the length of your tour, and the vehicle you choose.   Jump to Rates

The daily rate includes:

  • your private vehicle
  • fuel
  • your tour director
  • all tour director expenses (accommodations and meals)

Also, included as part of our service:

  • We design a customized itinerary for your group, based on your unique interests and needs.
  • We book and confirm local activities such as flightseeing tours, river rafting, wine tasting, etc.

Not Included
The daily rate does not include the cost of your group's:

  • accommodations
  • local activities
  • meals
  • tour director gratuity (at your discretion, based on your happiness with the level of service provided)

Special Considerations
We strive to keep our pricing as simple as possible, so that you can accurately project the cost of your tour. Due to the variable nature of a customized tour service, however, there are various circumstances that will affect the total cost of your tour.

One-way or Deadhead Fees
When a tour originates in one place and ends in a different place, there are costs associated with getting the driver and vehicle to or from the pickup or drop-off location either before or after your tour. To account for these costs, we charge a one-way -- or deadhead -- fee on such itineraries. This fee is based on the distance between the pickup and drop-off locations, so any fee associated with your tour will depend on your specific itinerary. Here are some common one-way fees:

  • Las Vegas to/from Los Angeles: 3/4 Day
  • San Francisco to/from Los Angeles: 1 Day
  • Phoenix to/from Los Angeles: 1 Day
  • Las Vegas to/from San Francisco: 1.5 Days
  • Phoenix to/from San Francisco: 2 Days

Tours without a California Component
With California having so many amazing destinations, and most of the region's major airports, it is unusual that one of our tours doesn't include some California destinations. Because we are a California-based company, with our personnel and vehicles all located here in California, on the odd occasion when a tour doesn't begin and/or end here, there will be deadhead fees associated with transporting your tour director and sometimes your vehicle to and from your pickup and drop-off destinations. As with the one-way fee, this charge will be based on the distances we have to transport personnel and vehicles.

Luxury and Specialty Vehicles
Luxury and specialty vehicles are available on request. Please contact us to discuss any special vehicle requests.



Full-sized Sedan
Standard Full-sized Sedan
Chevrolet Impala or similar
  2 - 4 Days $650/day
  5 - 7 Days $625/day
  8 or More Days $600/day
Mini Van
Toyota Sienna or similar
  2 - 4 Days $700/day
  5 - 7 Days $675/day
  8 or More Days $650/day
Passenger Van
13/14 Passenger Van
Ford Extended Club Wagon or Similar
  2 - 4 Days $750/day
  5 - 7 Days $725/day
  8 or More Days $700/day
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